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About me

wood carving



I was born in San Antonio Texas and have resided here my entire life. As early as I can remember, I was always being creative. I began making my own pop-up books as a child and hand sewing felt hearts stuffed with fresh flowers to create a potpourri for my grade school teachers. My father always presented a drawing challenge for me before school and my family always supported my artistic endeavors. Artworks from Marisol Escobar, Remedios Varo and Amalia Mesa-Bains inspire me as well as literature from Gloria Anzaldua and Carmen Tafolla.

Self-reflection and personal investigation of her cultural environment and cultural history are the subjects of Jesusa Marie Vargas’ artworks. Working in a wide variety of mediums including sculpture, painting and photography, she provokes reflection and conversation about Mexican-American histories that inspire her work. Her creative processes and techniques help preserve deep-rooted cultural traditions that are a part of her Chicana identity. Jesusa also works in digital media, creating short art and documentary videos that represent Mexican-American ideas and personal narratives. Her artwork has been exhibited in the 2018 UTSA Research Conference Juried Art Exhibition and Cinefestival, the longest running Latino film festival. She has also been published in the online APERO Gallery catalogue.

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